Breast Cancer Recovery

The FIT2order band for Breast Cancer Recovery is a practical and safe home strength program. Designed exclusively for the breast cancer survivor, the resistance program will help survivors regain muscle and bone strength.

Resistance Band for Recovery

The FIT2order Breast Cancer Recovery strength program is designed to help the post treatment cancer survivor safely rebuild muscle strength. Be sure to get your doctor’s clearance prior to starting the program.

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Transitioning back to a strong and healthy body

The FIT2order band for Breast Cancer Recovery removes the top barrier to strength training for survivorsā€”not knowing what to do.


  • Increases muscle mass, bone strength and survival rate.
  • Decreases swelling associated with lymphedema, fatigue, depression and excess weight.
  • Improves balance, muscle imbalance, and posture.



»The American Cancer Society and the CDC recommend that cancer

survivors strength train at least two times each week.

» About 50-96% of breast cancer survivors gain fat and lose muscle

tissue. Despite the well-established benefits of exercise after breast

cancer, only half of survivors exercise regularly.

» Following PAL guidelines, the FIT2order band provides lightweight AND

progressive resistance options (based on hand position) allowing

participants to start slowly and progress intensity over time.

» The exercises are imprinted ON the band and move in a circuit

starting from the left side of the band to the right. Survivors start

with one circuit, performing 8-10 repetitions and progress to 3

circuits over time.



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