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HotSpots and FIT2order Partnering to advance wellness and mindfulness program offerings to public school after-school programs
Partnership emphasizes positive peer relationships and anti-bullying addressing student-school relationships for well-being.

BALTIMORE—October 11, 2018—Hotspots, a Baltimore-based non-profit company dedicated to before and after school enrichment programs, has partnered with FIT2order, a leader in corporate wellness programs.  This partnership offers the public school community a new programmatic offering of particular interest to teachers, school counselors, educational psychologists and mental health professionals  working in school settings.
As secondary schools, primary schools and early childhood centers can enhance student’s social and emotional development, school administrators are looking for wellness programs to help enhance emotional wellbeing and safety of young people at school. 
A feature of this partnership is the focus given to the implementation of programs into the busy and complex world of before and after school programs recognizing that the effectiveness and impact of any school-based wellness program is strongly related to the quality of its implementation. 
Taking an integrative and community-based approach by fostering the well‐being of children and families, this partnership's unique program offering can add significant unprecedented advantages to student’s emotional, intellectual and social behaviors.  The partnerships’ goal is to a provide a holistic approach to educating both child and parent on the advantages of adopting a healthier life style.
“At HotSpots our goal is to help students achieve success, not only in the classroom, but through life skills as well.  That's why this relationship is so unique and exciting" states Dr. Admon Alexander, Executive Director of HotSpots.  "As we look to encourage positive feelings toward one’s life and the level of functioning , this partnership with Fit2Order, allows us to enhance our mission is to  support School Wellness Initiatives and inspire families to be strong in body and in mind and encouraging young people and families to adopt healthier and more mindful habits."

 "The job of educating has become bigger and broader. I get it!! I know how challenging it is to juggle all the daily administrative demands and am sensitive to the increasing expectations placed on of today’s teachers." states Peggy DeCrispino, former BCPS Principal & FIT Experience Coordinator. "Therefore, in my current position as FIT2order’s FIT Experience Coordinator, the FIT2order team and I are VERY excited to partner with HotSpots. Through this partnership, FIT2order is looking forward to meeting with principals and their wellness team to share how we can take something off your plate and help you address your Health Literacy goals."

To learn more about this unique partnership or how it can benefit your school, call Dr. Admon Alexander. 
443-243-3568 / [email protected]
HotSpots extends learning beyond the classroom by inspiring students, parents and community partners to take an active role in the well- being of elementary children before and after school.  The company takes pride in its responsibility to care for the whole child by providing a high quality experience which includes health and wellness activities and an innovative curriculum.  Hotspot believes in presenting opportunities for students to learn, imagine and dream. www.hsecp.org


Stacy Fritz, Principal at FIT2order, Appointed to Believe Big Board of Advisors


TOWSON, Md. – FIT2order, a corporate wellness company specializing in sedentary solutions for occupational sitting, is pleased to announce that Stacy Fritz, Co-Founder and Principal, has been appointed to the Board of Advisors to Believe Big, a non-profit Christian organization that helps families bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer. Believe Big was founded by Ivelisse and Jimmy Page after Ivelisse’s successful battle with Stage IV colon cancer.


Fritz has been involved with Believe Big since 2016 when both her mother and, later, her brother were diagnosed with cancer. Believe Big's Director of Operations, Jackie Guidera, adds, "In addition to bringing her corporate insights to the organization, Ms. Fritz will play a role in advising nutrition education to local Believe Big events. Stacy has already shared a wealth of teaching and healing wisdom, endless energy and creative approaches to promote our Mission and Vision of helping families face, fight and overcome cancer with patients, clients and broader audiences." Fritz will assumer her role on the board effective September, 2018.


“I’m honored and thrilled to be asked to be on the Board of Advisers for Believe Big,” said Fritz. “Ivelisse Page and the Believe Big team have been incredibly supportive of my family through both the diagnosis of my mother and brother, including the integration of mistletoe therapy. By guiding and educating families on the various complementary therapies available to those with cancer, Believe Big brings Hope and Healing to patients with this dreadful disease. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves with a caring, forward-thinking team is a journey I am very much looking forward to.”


Fritz has led FIT2order as Co-Founder and Principal for 11 years. She has more than 30 years of experience in fitness and still holds current her exercise, nutrition, and coaching National Certifications.

About FIT2order

Founded in 2008, FIT2order, LLC is a women-owned corporate wellness company based in Towson, MD. FIT2order specializes in at-work wellness solutions for our sedentary workforce and  serves local, regional and national clients.



WEBINAR: Help Your Employees Fix Their Computer Posture so They Can Fix Their Pain.

Save the date for the first in a series of Micro-learning Webinars for the Busy Human Resource Professional and Business Owner

If your employees sit for most of their work day (think > 4 hours), they are considered “sedentary,” a medical term indicating they are at a higher risk for certain diseases as well as musculoskeletal disorders. With the recent publication of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s Total Worker Health Report(2017) addressing the hazards of occupational sitting, the implications of prolonged sitting on the health of your workforce has become a Human Resource issue in both small and large companies.

FIT2order has put together a series of Microlearning Webinars for busy Human Resource Professionals and business owners highlighting the issues surrounding this trending topic.

Join Stacy Fritz for our first Webinar, Help Your Employees Fix Their Computer Posture so They Can Fix Their Pain.

In this highly practical Webinar, you will learn:

  • The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in sedentary occupations.
  • How to identify Forward Head Deviation (computer posture) and learn the toll it takes on our bodies.
  • Strategies to correct posture, including corrective work breaks (designed by corrective exercise specialists) to share with your employees.

About FIT2order

Founded in 2008, FIT2order, LLC is a women-owned corporate wellness company based in Towson, MD. FIT2order specializes in at-work wellness solutions for our sedentary workforce and  serves local, regional and national clients.


FIT2order Joins the Nation’s Graduates of Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Program

[The Program, In General]

FIT2order was honored yesterday as one of nearly 120 small businesses who graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses program. The philanthropic brainchild of Michael Bloomberg, the program provides small business owners with a practical business education and support to help them grow and create jobs. The curriculum, developed by the highly acclaimed Babson College, includes more than 100 hours of practical, peer-learning education including financial management, negotiations, and marketing. Being selected to participate in this program was an opportunity to not only apply this knowledge using FIT2order as our case study.

[The Program’s Secret Sauce]

The classroom lessons were top notch, but what catapulted our learning experience was the deep camaraderie that emerged among the scholars rather early in the program. In addition to corporate wellness, the graduates included contractors, restaurant owners, engineers, acupuncturists, lawyers, plumbers, proposal writers, IT professionals, store owners, and event planners. The diversity of occupations as well as gender, race and age within the cohort seemed to somehow deepen our connection, as we quickly understood that we were more alike than different—we shared the same business struggles, the same work ethic, the same driving desire to succeed, and the same values. After four months of intense sharing, learning and networking, 90% of us were doing business together and nearly all were scheduling gatherings for continued group support and accountability.

[Our Growth]

What was our biggest take-away from the program?

  • Regarding opportunities: in the Growth Module, we learned how to chart our strategic opportunities; over breakfast, a Government Contractor opened another opportunity, by showing us that our onsite services are included in the GSA Schedule.
  • Regarding accounting: in the Financials Module, we learned how to use our financial statements to make decisions about our businesses; walking to the parking garage, a Restaurant Owner shared how she structures quarterly meetings with her accountant for consistent and effective consultations.
  • Regarding tracking sales data: in the Sales and Marketing Module, we learned about the sales funnel and lead generation; at Happy Hour an IT Consultant recommended a process that helped us decipher our Customer Acquisition Costs.

There were so many take-aways, on so many levels.

The FIT2order team looks forward to our next level of growth with the help of this amazing program—and the supportive culture is has created, nationwide.


FIT2order Launches the vidaBALL: A Revolutionary Breath Training Tool to Help You Stress Less in a Busy World

Inspiring Natural Well-being using Breath Exercises

[Towson, Maryland, February 20, 2024] – FIT2order, a leader in corporate wellness solutions since 2008, today announces the launch of its latest innovation, the vidaBALL. Created by Stacy Fritz, the founder of FIT2order, this unique product is designed to manage daily stress and anxiety naturally, without relying on medication or digital apps. The vidaBALL emerges from a heartfelt story – it was initially created to assist Stacy's brother in managing pain and anxiety using breath techniques during his cancer treatment.

The vidaBALL is a Natural Solution for Daily Stress and Anxiety.

Key features of the vidaBALL include:

Ease of Use: Designed for simplicity, requiring no apps or complex setups.

Natural Pain Relief: Helps in managing discomfort through intentional breathing.

Stress Reduction: Aids in alleviating stress and anxiety naturally.

Portability: Compact and easy to carry, making better breaths for better health accessible anytime, anywhere.

The vidaBALL: Born from a Story of Resilience and Healing

Stacy Fritz's inspiration for the vidaBALL is deeply personal. Watching her brother navigate a stage iv cancer diagnosis inspired her to find a solution for managing stress and anxiety that was both natural and accessible. This experience not only led to the creation of vidaBALL but also strengthened her connection with Believe Big, a nonprofit organization supporting individuals on the cancer journey. A portion of vidaBALL proceeds will be donated to Believe Big, aligning with the mission of integrating clinical and integrative therapies for cancer treatment.

Embrace Well-being with FIT2order and the vidaBALL

As FIT2order continues its mission to enhance workplace well-being, the vidaBALL stands as a testament to the power of simple, natural solutions in today's fast-paced world. Priced at $69, the vidaBALL is not just a product – It's a reminder that even in the most challenging time, sometimes, all it takes is a better breath to find ease.

About Stacy Fritz:

Stacy Fritz is the founder and CEO of FIT2order, a corporate wellness company based in Towson, Maryland, AND the creator of the newly launched vidaBALL, a tool she designed to combat daily stress and anxiety. She is an in-demand speaker who cuts through the noise in the health and wellness industry with her clear, empowering message. Her mission is not just to educate but to inspire action, guiding people to take charge of their health, embrace healing, and forge a path towards an extraordinary health span.

About FIT2order:

Founded in 2008, FIT2order has been at the forefront of providing innovative wellness solutions for sedentary workforces. The company specializes in creating products and programs that promote health and well-being in corporate environments.

About Believe Big:

Believe Big is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing. They advocate for integrating both clinical treatments and integrative therapies to support individuals on their journey to health and wholeness.

For more information, please contact:

Stacy Fritz | Creator of the vidaBALL™️ 

[email protected]





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