Strengthen the abdominals and back for functional strength and flexibility training. A strong core will help to prevent and improve low back pain and improve posture.

Core Strength

Having a strong core is more than just training your abdominal muscles. It’s training the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together for a strong powerhouse.

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The workout moves in a circuit format, starting from the left side of the band moving to the right. After warming up, perform 10-15 repetitions of each move for 1-3 circuits. Hold static moves for 10-30 seconds. Do the workout 2-3 times each week on non-consecutive days.

Access the FIT2order for Core video; includes a warm-up and cool down.


If your goal is to obtain 6-pack abs, you need to add the following to

your FIT2order Core regime:

» Total body strength training for all major muscle groups

» Cardiovascular exercise to burn body fat

» A clean and healthy nutrition plan—abs are built in the kitchen!



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