FIT2order Band for KIDS

The FIT2order band for Kids provides the resistance tool AND a kid-friendly workout imprinted ON the band that strengthens the body AND mind for increased fitness, attention and coordination.

For a Strong Body and Mind

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that kids can start adding resistance to their “play” in the early elementary years. The FIT2order band for Kids strengthens all major muscle groups, including hands and core, using whole body actions. Parents can get their workout in when “playing” with the FIT2order band along with your child!

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The workout moves in a circuit format, starting from the left side of the band moving to the right.
After warming up, perform 8-12 repetitions of each move for 1-2 circuits.



» Growing bodies develop functional strength and improved balance

» Crossing the midline exercises creates better body awareness and coordination

» Sensory integration improves function and attention


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