Low Back Health

Learn how to prevent and alleviate generalized low back pain at work using the FIT2order Low Back Health Resistance Band.

Create a Strong, Functional and Pain-Free Back

Experts estimate that 80% of us will experience low back pain at some point. Prevent and alleviate low back pain with FIT2order's Low Back Health resistance band. The exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch the major muscle groups associated with low back health.

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FIT2order’s Low Back Health Program is intended to prevent pain and improve lower back health. It is NOT a treatment for low back pain. Low back pain may be the result of a medical issue, such as strains, arthritis, herniated discs and stress, requiring your doctor’s clearance to exercise.

The workout moves in a circuit format, starting from the left side of the band and moving to the right. Perform 1-3 circuits throughout your day of travel including 10-15 repetitions. Hold stretches for 10-30 seconds. 



» Strengthens and stretches Low Back

» Decreases back, neck and shoulder pain

» Increases flexibility

» Increases daily functional movement



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