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Chronic Condition e-Learning:
Education Beyond the Medication

Whether you are living with a chronic ailment or know someone who is, connect2FIT’s Chronic Condition e-Learning Modules will help you understand the condition and will provide you with the information and the tools needed to take control of your health and your wellbeing.

Chronic Condition e-Learning

Chronic illnesses plague our sedentary workforce. FIT2order's Chronic Condition e-Learning Modules provide both the education AND the tools for employees to manage illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, that are linked to a sedentary lifestyle. For more information about our drop-in learning modules, contact FIT2order.


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Attention Brokers, Wellness Partners and Businesses: our e-Learning modules make a turn-key wellness initiative OR a perfect compliment to your existing wellness program.


Chronic Condition  Module Information