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The FIT2order Story

We provide wellness tools for companies whose employees sit most of the day. Our sedentary solutions reduce the health hazards of occupational sitting.


The Ripple Effect: Wellness At Work

We started FIT2order in 2008 and have been on an epic training regime ever since. At FIT2order, we believe that regardless of...

  • time constraints
  • a demanding work culture
  • health limitations, like chronic illness,

... all employees can fit FITness into their work-lifestyles.

From our humble beginnings when we chanted mission statements in corporate boot camps to designing programs addressing specific work-related musculoskeletal issues using the band2FIT for Posture and, now, to launching connect2FIT, a solution for occupational sitting, we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs and to delivering memorable FITness experiences to our corporate communities. We are truly grateful to our loyal corporate clients for tossing their pebble and creating a ripple of wellness by joining in on the at-work FITness evolution.


Following a Balanced Approach to Health and Wellness


 May 2008

With over 12 years of fitness training and instruction at a local gym, Stacy and Pattie decide to take their passion to the worksite. FIT2order is established.


 April 2009

After a year of delivering programs to the community, FIT2order acquires its first corporate client.

 Summer 2010

Our offerings expand to include Nutrition and Stress Management programs. Corporate programs continue to evolve to meet the varying needs of clients.


The Affordable Care Act redefines wellness and FIT2order extends its programs to address the top chronic conditions.


FIT2order becomes Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified and a diverse supplier for insurance carriers.


FIT2order brings “Serenity” to breast cancer survivors in hospitals. With the growth of national clients with multiple sites, FIT2order begins to restructure its eat/move/breathe/heal paradigm of onsite services to translate to the digital world.


With extensive market research and testing, connect2FIT and band2FIT are born. FIT2order refreshes its brand.



connect2FIT is niched down to address the needs and the hazards of sedentary work.



Meet Our Team

For the last 30 years, Stacy has worked in the fitness/health industry inspiring individuals, families, teams and companies to invest in their health by using nutrition, fitness and stress management tools that support a busy lifestyle.

 Stacy is an E-RYT 500, ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor/Personal trainer, ACE Health Coach, marathoner, triathlete, perpetual student, and a purveyor of all things that challenge potential and inspire the evolution of FIT.


Before starting FIT2order, Pattie taught fitness classes after work to her teacher-colleagues. Now, she brings fitness to employees nation-wide. In addition to helping to create fit work-lifestyles, she still teaches fitness classes (although at a much earlier time slot).
Pattie holds degrees from University of Maryland, College Park, Johns Hopkins University and Towson University.

Peggy joined the FIT2order team in 2015 as the FIT Experience Coordinator. She was formerly with BCPS for 35 years, and her final 9 years were as an elementary school principal.

 Peggy feels fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue a second career to promote education in another field she loves – health and wellness!!

Passionate about wellness and creativity, Kelly has been an integral team member in several design and marketing projects while holding great interest in nutrition, yoga, snowboarding, running, and her two adorable children.A Cum Laude Towson University graduate, Kelly studied digital illustration and holds an Integrated Design Masters at the University of Baltimore. 


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