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Sedentary Solutions that Reduce the Health Hazards of Occupational Sitting.

Our story

Wellness At Work

Stacy Fritz and Pattie Sassano launched FIT2order in 2008 and have been on an epic training regime ever since. At FIT2order, we believe that regardless of...

  • time constraints
  • a demanding work culture
  • varying fitness levels

... all employees can fit "healthy" into their work-lifestyles.

From humble beginnings that included chanting mission statements in corporate boot camps to present-day focus on developing small, doable habits during the work day, the FIT2order team is dedicated to delivering memorable FITness experiences to our corporate communities. We are truly grateful to our loyal corporate clients for tossing their pebble and creating a ripple of wellness by joining in on the healthy-at-work evolution.


Following a Balanced Approach to Health and Wellness

 May 2008

With over 12 years of fitness training and instruction at a local gym, Stacy and Pattie decide to take their passion to the worksite. FIT2order is established.

 April 2009

After a year of delivering programs to the community, FIT2order acquires its first corporate client.

 Summer 2010

Our offerings expand to include Nutrition and Stress Management programs. Corporate programs continue to evolve to meet the varying needs of clients.


The Affordable Care Act redefines wellness and FIT2order extends its programs to address the top chronic conditions.


FIT2order becomes Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified and a diverse supplier for insurance carriers.


FIT2order brings “Serenity” to breast cancer survivors in hospitals. With the growth of national clients with multiple sites, FIT2order begins to restructure its eat/move/breathe/heal paradigm of onsite services to translate to the digital world.


With extensive market research and testing, connect2FIT and band2FIT are born. FIT2order refreshes its brand. 


connect2FIT is niched down to provide movement, meditation and pain relief work breaks for our sedentary workforce. The Healthy @ Work Kit is developed as a response to the need to provide healthy tools for both onsite and remote employees.



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