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Create a Healthy Workforce with Our Sedentary Solutions

FIT2order's Sedentary Solutions will help you develop a workforce strategy that promotes the health and safety of your desk-bound employees.

Sedentary Solutions

We've got the portal, the desk tools, the learning AND the events to move your employees towards living a FIT work-lifestyle for health and productivity.


a digital toolkit of work breaks and workouts to help employees move more and stress less

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a desk tool showing employees how to correct computer posture; compliments connect2FIT's breaks

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education and behavioral toolkit for lifestyle management of the top Chronic Conditions

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FIT Experiences

onsite workshops, challenges, and events to promote movement and stress management

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"I want to thank you again for a very successful event. We have received wonderful feedback. I also want to compliment the both of you and your team for the enthusiasm and true interest showed towards our employees. "

VP Employee Benefits Advisor

"Thank you, FIT2order! It was interesting to learn things that we can improve on beyond diet and exercise. I enjoyed learning about changes that we could make in the office that could help us be more healthy. "

FIT2order Participant

"Stacy and Pattie, We have received wonderful feedback from the employees and specially from [the HR staff]. Although we have held these events for several years I thought the look and feel of this year’s event was different. I want to compliment the both of you and your team for their enthusiasm and true interest they showed towards the employees... I know you are excited and we are too about the potential opportunities we have to help promote the health and wellness of [my clients’] employees. "

PSA Broker

"Your program really gave me some good ideas/options for stretching my neck and shoulders at work plus I plan to incorporate a few moves into my morning workout on an exercise ball. "

FIT2order Participant

""Our experiences with FIT2order have been nothing but POSITIVE!!! Everything from being the healthiest company in Baltimore one year to getting a 49% reduction in back claims the next – it’s been wonderful and the employees loved it. FIT2order has great plans for both office and shop floor personnel. And YES, guys like yoga!""

HR Benefits Manager

""Success for adults and children starts with wellness. This understanding has prompted HotSpots Extended Care Programs to partner with FIT2order to help the communities we service gain a strong awareness on how wellness plays a significant role in the mental, emotional, intellectual and social development of children. I ,Dr. Alexander Executive of HotSpots Extended Care Programs, am excited to team up with FIT2order to assist parents, children and their communities to adopt healthier life choices." "

Dr. Admon Alexander
Executive Director

""Thank you for being so organized and getting such amazing instructors to come in to do the rooms. Everyone had a blast and didn’t want to leave at the end of the night. Thank you for all your time you put into this evening, we greatly appreciate it. "

BCPS Principal

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With Type 2 Diabetes as the lead condition, over 70% of healthcare costs are linked to inactivity. Help your clients understand the economic burden of workforce inactivity and chronic illness. To find out how, contact a FIT2order Team Member.

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A sedentary work-lifestyle is hazardous to you and your co-workers' health. Support management decisions that could detoxify your sedentary work environment. Contact a FIT2order Team Member to learn how.

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Partner with FIT2order and bring connect2FIT's content library of purposeful work breaks to your clients. connect2FIT integrates with and complements our wellness partners' platforms. For more information, contact a FIT2order Team Member.

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We know--we do a lot! For information on our school experiences and our senior facility programs, reach out to a FIT2order Team Member.

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Don't Just Sit There!

Learn how to get your employees UPRIGHT and moving thru the day without disrupting the work day.