5 Easy Exercises To Improve Your FITness At Work

Feb 09, 2018

If you sit at a desk all day, lack of exercise may be one of your biggest challenges.

Try these 5 easy WORK lifestyle exercises to improve your FITness level.

Combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Arm raises protect your body from carpal tunnel and poor circulation. Several times a day, raise your arms above your head, to the side and behind your back. These exercises stretch your arm muscles and improve your circulation.

Improve Circulation

Leg lifts are easy to complete from the comfort of a desk chair. Simply lift your legs straight out and hold for five seconds. Repeat the exercise for 15 reps several times a day. According to phys.org, these exercises improve circulation and decrease your risk of developing heart disease.

Align the Spine

Side stretches easily align the spine and autocorrect poor posture. Raise your arms over your head and lean gently to one side. Repeat by stretching the other side. By performing side stretches several times a day, you align your spine and improve posture.

Build Core Strength

The genie move strengthens your core, which the Huffington Post reports will improve your balance and align your spine. To do the genie, sit criss-cross applesauce and place your hands on the chair’s armrests. Push upwards until your body is raised out of the chair seat. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, rest for one minute and repeat to build your core strength.

Relieve Stress

Stress prevents you from focusing completely on your job. Combat stress when you gently roll your head in a circle, rub your temples or extend your arms in front of you and slowly bend your wrists up and down. Practice these stress-relieving exercises as needed throughout the day.

You can stay fit at your desk with five easy exercises. Try them today and watch your fitness and wellness improve.

 How do YOU stay FIT at your desk?


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