5 Simple Snacks To Store In Your Desk

Nov 08, 2018

When the munchies strike at work, do you reach for chips, candy and soda? These snacks are unhealthy and won’t give you the energy you need to do your job properly. Instead, store five simple snacks in your desk or briefcase, and satisfy your cravings with healthy food options.

1. Organic Nut Butters

Loaded with protein, nut butter boosts your energy levels. It tastes good too. If you don’t want to eat it plain, keep snack packs of rice cakes or whole grain crackers on hand.

2. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit offers a convenient and nutritious alternative to fresh fruit. Oven dry your favorite fruits at home, or buy small packages at the grocery store.

3. Pretzels

The whole grain goodness and crunch of pretzels fill your cravings for salty chips, and they boost your fiber intake. As a bonus, buy flavored pretzels or dip them in peanut butter or hummus.

4. Turkey Jerky

Flavorful turkey jerky contains protein that fills you up. It’s also easy to store and comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Choose low-sodium varieties, if possible, or use low-sodium soy sauce if you make homemade beef jerky.

5. RXBARs (Clean Energy Bars) 

We’ve been fans of RXBARs for a while, because they have a simple ingredient list and a good dose of protein. They’re great pre- and post-workout, or to stash in your desk drawer when that 3 P.M. hunger strikes.

The munchies can sabotage your health and wellness. Five simple snacks offer healthy alternatives to the vending machine and are easy to store in your desk or briefcase.

What are your healthy go-to snacks at work?


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