Biohacking Your Workday

Jan 30, 2023

Be honest, you just googled the word biohacking, right?😉

Biohacking is the practice of making small, gradual lifestyle changes to help your body perform at its best. It is about finding small ways to improve and optimize your body and your life.

What about biohacking your physical and mental well-being AT WORK?

After all, the average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work or doing work-related activities.

Biohacking your workday means finding tools and behaviors that allow you to move more, stress less and eat clean so you can be more productive, focused, and engaged.


We have constructed environments where movement is abnormal, culturally we are asked to “sit” but we were designed to move.

Excessive sitting can lead to poor posture, which negatively impacts your shoulders, neck, and lower back. 

In addition, research shows that prolonged sitting increases the risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

Biohacking movement means you not only add more movement to your workday but also change your position often.

  • Try an adjustable standing desk: Stand correctly AND remember, standing for long periods of time isn't healthy either.
  • Take a work break: Try desk stretches to disrupt sitting without disrupting your workflow.
  • Take a walk. Our bodies were meant to move. Get up and walk around and start to realign your body, standing tall with your chest lifted, and shoulders down.


When you’re sitting or standing, maintaining correct posture will help protect your back and reduce stress on your neck and shoulders.

Biohack your seat (chair) by making sure:

  • It supports the curves of your spine 
  • Your feet are flat on the floor
  • Your thighs are parallel to the floor (90-degree angle at the hips)
  • Your elbows are at a  90-degree- arms are level with the keyboard
  • Your head is neutral —the monitor is right below eye level so you can see without having to tilt your head


We are hard-wired to live in a relaxed state and only use stress in emergency situations- like being chased by a tiger, but today, we work in highly stressful, charged environments where the feeling of being chased is just the way we roll.

Take 3 Deep Breaths.

Before you open your computer or while the computer is starting up, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Try to stay completely focused on each breath—noticing each inhale, each exhale, and the spaces in between.

One bonus to starting your day with conscious breathing is that it wakes up your body and mind with life-giving energy. 

10 Minutes of Sun.

Our bodies were meant to be in the sun, and some exposure is good for your well-being. Whether you just stand outside in front of your office or combine it with a short walk, getting 10 minutes of sun is good for the soul and a nice shot of Vitamin D.

Limit Blue Light.

One of the best ways to improve your focus AND your sleep is to limit your exposure to blue light. Blue light keeps your brain awake and suppresses melatonin production.  

One hour before you go to bed, turn off and put away all electronic devices. Try the same thing for the first hour after you wake up. 


We are biologically designed to eat whole unprocessed foods in their most natural state, but our environments have made us “busy” where fast, fake and unhealthy food options are “easier” and more accessible than eating clean.

You can’t reach your full potential if you are consuming inflammatory foods that add to brain fog. Unhealthy and processed foods impact your blood sugar levels, increase hunger and contribute to a lack of energy.

Nutrition Boost.

Add 1 easy, healthy food or ingredient to your daily food. Some examples include adding chia seeds to your salad, switching out processed cereal for oatmeal, or adding an extra vegetable to your dinner.

Biohacking your workday isn’t as simple as eating clean, moving more, or stressing less occasionally. You need to create and practice daily healthy habits to upgrade your health at work and at home. 

Ready to biohack your workday?


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