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FITness Really Isn’t That Complicated

Jun 28, 2021

FITness may not always be easy, but it’s certainly not complicated. Living healthfully is really quite basic. As we say at FIT2order, you need to eat well, move more and stress less.

[Eat Well]

Generally speaking, nutrition basics are easy.

  1. Avoid processed foods.
  2. Eat a lot of different types of vegetables.
  3. Choose lean protein sources including legumes.

[Move More]

There is no magic exercise or piece of equipment. Move in a way that feels good and move frequently during your day.

  1. Exercise your heart (cardio).
  2. Exercise your muscles (strength).
  3. Take movement breaks if you sit too long.

 [Stress Less]

Chronic stress is dangerous. Be aware of your levels of stress.

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Unplug.
  3. Establish mindful habits like meditation, breath work or prayer.

Know the basics. Eat to be and feel nourished. Choose movement that you love. And try to steer clear from hyped-up social media fitness folks who realize that complicated fitness sells.

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