The Story Behind FIT2order’s New Logo

Jan 12, 2018

Today’s blog post offers a little more insight into the evolution of FIT2order. We thought it might be a lot of fun on #FlashbackFriday to give a behind the scenes look at FIT2order’s brand new FIT.

We’ve had terrific feedback AND a few questions that felt so curious, we decided to take some time to give you the back story.

FIT2order, is almost 10 years old! It is unbelievable that almost a decade has passed and we are not only stilling standing, but also, thriving and excited about the upcoming year. Instead of making slow gradual changes like we advise our clients, we decided to rip off the metaphoric bandaid and #justdoit!


Nothing is ever quick, in fact, these changes have been in development for more than a year. Even though the process has been long and challenging, we know in the long run, where we are headed is exactly where we want to be.

Today’s post is about how we took a step back, focused on what was missing in the corporate wellness space and then, how we translated our services/products to our audience(s).

We took the time to do a brand audit to support our new vision.  

*Listen to our podcast find out what our audit revealed…


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