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Wellness Trends In 2021

Jan 25, 2021

A panel at the Global Wellness Summit brought together top journalists and future-forecasters to predict the big wellness trends of 2021. (1)

Here are three trends they determined would gain serious momentum throughout 2021.

  1. A big focus on strengthening the immune system

From food to supplements to educational classes, strengthening the immune system and building physical strength is predicted to be a major 2021 wellness trend, globally. Leading the Summit’s discussion, Sandra Ballentine, editor of W Magazine, reports that the panelists predict that “we will see more customized immunity hacks…to pinpoint what immune therapies best suit your system and situation.” (1) She adds that there will be more immunity-enhancing treatments and energy healing treatments once people feel comfortable with bodywork again.

[Immunity Hack]

Here’s a quick and easy energy-boosting immunity hack using a guided meditation to reduce stress:  Guided Meditation

  1. “Home” Wellness

COVID-19 has dramatically amplified the at-home wellness trend. From simple to high-tech options, companies are looking to help us optimize the space in our homes as a “wellness refuge.” Home wellness can be as simple as purchasing air purifiers to more involved home-designed exercise and meditation rooms. The Summit group concurred that reimagining homes, workplaces and streets will be necessary to positively impact our long-term health.

[At-Home Wellness Hack}

In addition to your fitness bands, dumbbells and yoga mat, add a stress-reducing coat of paint to your home’s wellness area. Consider shades of light blue and green for optimal calming.

  1. Nature Nurtures

The Summit experts all agreed that the lockdowns and social distancing, combined with a heightened awareness of the destruction of the environment brought on by COVID-19 placed a profound value focusing on nature and wilderness as healing. As such, naturally socially-distanced activities continue to grow, including cycling, hiking, walking and paddling.

Further, the group noted that more people have now permanently woken up to the fact that the way “we as a human species interact with other species has caused our own sickness.” (1) With this awareness the group further predicts surges in vegan and plant-based eating.

[Nature Hack]

You don’t need to drive to a National Park to get your nature fix. Take a socially-distanced walk around your neighborhood and notice the wonder of the natural world in your own backyard. Try identifying plants you don’t know (plantsnap and plantnet apps help identify plants and flowers via a photograph).(2)


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  2. Wendlandt, W. 10 tips for appreciating nature in your neighborhood. Environment American Accessed December 26, 2020.

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