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Connect Your Employees to a
Safe and FIT Work-lifestyle.

Make movement and stress management part of your work culture with connect2FIT's library of work breaks.

Work Breaks

  • Decrease sedentary health risks

  • Boost productivity

  • Reduce stress


Safety At Work

Interrupt sitting without interrupting the work day.

Healthy Employees, Better Business 

connect2FIT helps employees develop the simple habit of taking strategic work breaks for better health.

Whether your employees need to take three ten-minute breaks to correct weak posture muscles--or take a two-minute break every hour to stretch achy wrists, connect2FIT's content is relevant to both the lifestyle AND the hazards of the desk jockey.

Easy for the Employees

easy to implemement

STEP 1: Schedule work breaks.

easy to engage

STEP 2: Alerts signify break time.

easy to report

STEP 3: Track sitting vs. movement time.


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Easy for the Employers

easy to implemement

STEP 1: Link or integrate connect2FIT to your site or wellness platform.

easy to engage

STEP 2: FIT2order handles your onboarding and email campaigns.

easy to report

STEP 3: Receive quarterly data reports.

Quick Facts:

Sitting is the NEW Smoking.

  • Prolonged sitting is associated with premature death, musculoskeletal issues, chronic illnesses, AND lost productivity
  • Regular workouts do NOT counter the effects of a sedentary occupation
  • Muscular strength is the new vital sign of workplace health AND our younger sedentary employees are behind the mark
  • Small, consistent work breaks throughout the day can reduce stress, boost productivity and reduce health risks

Chronic Condition e-Learning: Education Beyond the Medication

Chronic illnesses plague our sedentary workforce. FIT2order's Chronic Condition e-Learning Modules provide both the education AND the tools for employees to manage illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, that are linked to a sedentary lifestyle. For more information about our drop-in learning modules, contact FIT2order.



Heart Disease


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