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Signature Resistance Bands

Our signature bands each feature a unique program imprinted ON the band.  We offer a range of bands so that there is something for everyone, including desk jockeys, seniors, cancer survivors, kids and travelers.

Collapsible Water Bottle

The original collapsible beverage bottle. The spiral design allows the bottle to be compressed to take up less space at YOUR DESK! The bottle is 100% Plastic Free (BPA Free & Non-Toxic), Lightweight & Compact ,Wide Mouth for Ice Cubes, Taste & Odor Free, Leakproof & Shockproof. 

Weighted Wrist Bands

2 wristbands/set, 1 lb each wristband, adjustable, can be worn on ankles/wrists for extra "load" during a work break OR anytime/anywhere for a FITness boost. Dark Green, Grey, Black and White Color options.

AT WORK FITness Wipes

Super soft and durable whole body wipes take on sweat and odor, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh when you don't have time to shower AND need to get back to your desk.   Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, no parabens, sulfate and fragrance-free. - biodegradable, made with 100% natural fibers.

Cooling Towel

High quality 30x100 fitness logo microfiber polyester super cooling gym hand towel. Custom logo and additional colors available. 

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