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Blue Light Filter Glasses

Prolonged exposure to blue light emitted from electronic devices can disrupt your sleep cycle and cause eye strain and dry eyes.  Wearing blue light filter glasses when looking at screens can decrease your daily exposure to blue light and protect the health of your eyes. 

Posture Resistance Band

Combat computer posture and improve overall health with FIT2order’s Posture Band. The series of posture correction exercises can easily be done seated or standing at any workstation and conveniently stored in a desk drawer.

Low Back Health Resistance Band

Prevent and alleviate low back pain with FIT2order's Low Back Health Band. The exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch the major muscle groups associated with low back health.

 Mini-Foam Roller

Targeted massage for the Desk Jockey! Use on the hands and wrists to release adhesions and tension while simultaneously stimulating blood circulation. This mini-foam roller is collapsible making it easy to store in a desk drawer.

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