A Guide to THRIVE 

Remote wellness during COVID-19 Crisis

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Time Magazine has called the Coronavirus outbreak the world's largest  work-from-home experiment.

If you've been sent home to stay safe from getting the virus, why not also have access to the tools you need to stay or get healthy?

The FIT2order Team has designed a digital GUIDE to THRIVING while working from HOME under the stressful conditions of this COVID-19 crisis.

Guide to Thrive Remote Wellness program includes both the information AND the tools you  need to thrive through the crisis-The Wellness Toolkit includes effective tutorials, FITness and Yoga videos AND immunity-boosting recipes + calming meditations. 

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Healthy recipes with immunity-boosting ingredients

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Cardio, strength and yoga classes including ALL levels

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Easy-to-follow meditations for stillness and calm

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Information and the toolkit to stay healthy at home

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FIT2order provides wellness tools for companies whose employees sit most of the day. Our Sedentary Solutions reduce the health hazards of occupational sitting.