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[Blog FAST Read] The FACTS About Boosting Immunity

May 12, 2020

The contagion of COVID-19 has caused many to re-evaluate their first line of defense against the illness--their immune system. However, a simple internet search on “how to boost your immunity” reveals a not-so-simple barrage of online claims for “miracle” supplements, superfoods, tonics, essential oils and powders that claim to prevent, or even treat, COVID-19.

In response to this avalanche of wellness misinformation, the FDA recently sent warning letters to companies misrepresenting the effect of their products. In addition, researchers at the Global Wellness Institute provided a review of the research of wellness modalities that actually DO boost immunity: (1)

  • Is exercise an immunity booster?

YES, with over 5,000 studies on exercise and the immune system support this claim.

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  • Does sleep impact the immune system?

YES! Numerous studies reveals how poor sleep can hurt our immunity and that just one bad night of sleep can reduce immune cells by up to 70%.

  • Does stress weaken your immune response?

YES, and long-term studies at Carnegie Mellon show that those exposed to cold viruses who reported less stress were less likely to develop cold symptoms.

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  • Does aromatherapy, such as lavender oil, improve immunity?

No, while a few smaller studies suggest it can help with stress and sleep, there is no current link to its impact on immunity.

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(SOURCE: Global Wellness Institute Newsletter. Global Wellness Institute cautions industry and customers to sift fact from fiction when it comes to immunity-boosting claims for coronavirus. Accessed April 1, 2020.)




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