Learn the Breath Techniques

Your Ultimate Stress Relief Companion

The vidaBALL is a handheld breath training device designed to help you manage daily stress and anxiety using guided breathing exercises.

A Revolutionary Breath Training Tool to Help You Stress Less in a Busy World.

A Moment of Calm in the Palm of Your Hands

The vidaBALL teaches you how to slow down and experience a moment of calm. Our product is designed to help people manage the chaos of daily life, naturally.

Easy Self Care

By practicing mindful, conscious breathing with the vidaBALL, you can tap into the power of your breath to self-regulate the mind and body.

Elevated Awareness and Improved Performance

Through the simple act of breathing intentionally, the vidaBALL helps to connect us more deeply with our bodies and emotions, enabling us to approach our daily tasks with a greater sense of calm and purpose.

Boost Your Energy and Improve Your Health

Stay Calm, Focused and Energized- anytime, anywhere.

Quick Relief & Easy to Use

Designed for on-the-go stress relief, the vidaBALL requires no set up and comes with a user guide that is simple and easy to follow. In just a few moments, you'll feel AHHHH-mazing.

From Stacy Fritz, Creator of the vidaBALL™:

❝The rhythm of your breath is the melody of your life; the quality of your inhales and exhales determine the depth of your presence in the world.❞ 



Unlock Calm in 3 Simple Steps

No Set-up Required

Turn on the vidaBALL when you need a moment of relaxation.

5 Breath Techniques

Choose 1 of the 5 guided breath patterns.

Breathe IN, Breathe OUT

Inhale and Exhale with the expanding/contracting lights and vibration.


The vidaBALL Bonus Features 


The vidaBALL Helps Support People on the Cancer Journey


For every vidaBALL sold, a donation will be made to Believe Big, a non-profit organization helping families face, fight and overcome cancer.

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❝Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. This process sets the stage for reflection and calmness, which is the soil in which wisdom can grow.❞

Maya Angelou